2022 Spring Offerings

Rewilding: Earth-Based Embodiment for Interbeing

Monday Session:

April 11th - June 13th ~ 6:30pm-8:00pm


Thursday Session:

April 14th - June 16th ~ 10:00am-11:30am


~ Live Online ~

10 Weeks, $150

An intact world arises from intact cultures, and intact cultures arise from intact people.


To be “intact” is to be fully embodied – to live in relationship with the world as a self that is neither separate nor singular but a state of interbeing.

This open, receptive way of moving through the world can feel threateningly vulnerable in these challenging times, leading to an overwhelm that disempowers us into apathy. However, as deep ecologist Joanna Macy states, “Of all the dangers we face, from climate chaos to nuclear war, none is so great as the deadening of our response.”

This Spring, I invite you to join me for a 10-week Hatha-Qi session called Rewilding. During this class, I will be sharing the most critical practices for processing and integrating our experiences so that we can respond to the world from an embodied place, which is absolutely vital to our collective health and healing – now and in the future.

As we restore regenerative balance into our lives through Qigong, Yoga, Reiki, and Craniosacral Flow, as well as myth, ritual, and teachings of the ancient ancestral traditions, we will come back into rhythm with our interbeing as we reimagine an intact planet back into Truth, Hope, Humility, Love, and Gratitude. 

Please note: Five $150 bursaries are available for this session. Please share widely or reach out to inquire in full confidence – no questions asked.

All handouts, resources, and audio/video recordings included. To register, please email villageyogastudio@hotmail.com

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