South of France:

The Heartland of the Sacred Feminine

August 20th-27th, 2022


Found in the convergence of the


     sourced by the





of people and place, lineage and lore,

  tradition and time, is the pulse of the



                    in its heartland: the South of France.


As you travel the spiritual sites and teachings of the Greco-Romans, Egyptians, Celts, Kabbalists, Indo-Europeans, Neolithics, Christians, Cathars, Templars, and Troubadours, you will also traverse the inner lay lines of your own heartland back to the sanctuary of the Goddess within.

                                                    While immersing yourself in the                                                     sun-soaked landscape, culture,                                                       and history of the Languedoc,                                                         you will:

~ dip your toes into the sparkling blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea in Collioure – a seaport town storied as a route for saints, mystics, and masters to and from the Holy Land and beyond

                                                   ~ look out over the majestic

                                                   Pyrenees and famed Sacred

                                                   Temple Valley from the hilltop

                                                   village of Rennes-les-Chateau,

                                                   below which a fabled Temple of 

                                                   Isis is hidden; discover the                                                              legends of the Holy Grail as we

                                                   honour Mary Magdelene, the church and tower dedicated in her name here, and the esoteric geometry and enigmatic symbols that point us the way back to her


~ visit the thermal waters that                                                 originated as Roman baths over                                                     2000 years ago in Alet-les-Bains -                                                site of a long-ago temple dedicated

to the Egyptian goddess Isis, current

home to one of the Languedoc's

Black Madonnas, and once-refuge of

the prophet Nostradamus


~ experience the pagan visions of

the world’s Neolithic shamanesses

through the 14,000-year-old

paintings of the Grotte de

Bedeilhac as we enter the mother-

cave of both the Earth and the heart


~ visit the “upside-down” mountain of Bugarach – believed to be a gateway to the fae folk by the Celts, to multi-dimensional energies by spiritual seekers, to initiation for the Cathars, and to sacred ceremony for the monastic Essenes


                                      ~ pilgrimage along the breathtaking 

                                  Gorge de Galamus as we enter into

                                      mysteries of the Rose Line in the

                                      beautiful cave chapel of Saint Antoine’s

                                      cliff-side hermitage


                                      ~ walk through the enchanted forest                                               of Rennes-les-Bains - known for the

                                      hot and cold healing springs of the salt-water River Sals - to the holy spring of the Source du Circle, the Druidic grove of the Trembling Rock, and the sacred priestess site known as the Seat of Isis

~ journey to the mountain-top castle of Chateau de Queribus - thought of as the last Cathar stronghold - and behold the soaring vista from one of the highest peaks in the Aude region

~ uncover the treasures of Minerve,

named in antiquity after the temple

of Minerva that once stood on this

medieval site: Roman bridges and

ruins, rustic cliffs and canyons, scenic

vineyards and olive groves, stunning

architecture and ramparts, martyr

monuments and ancient carvings, sweeping gorges and forests, a secret waterfall and an underground river

~ practice yoga amid the stirring wonder of the troglodyte 

church carved into the stone of Vals; come face-to-face with the wooden-carved gargoyles in the arcade market square of Mirepoix; hold ceremony with the Celtic ancestors at the Dolmen des Fades - the largest megalithic tomb in the South of France; light a candle as you contemplate the famous Pregnant Virgin statue in Cucugnan 

~ revel in the romance of Market Day in Limoux – our home for the week – as you peruse the wares of local farmers, artisans, textile and ribbon merchants, shoe-makers, jewelers, soap, olive oil, and cheese makers; hike local

trails, sit with the Dark Goddess

statue in Notre Dame de Marceille,

and sip a glass of wine at a café in

the festive town square while you

luxuriate in its joi de vive


Your Retreat Includes:

                                 ~ pick-up & drop-off at the airport in                                            Toulouse


                                 ~ shared luxury accommodations at Hotel                                    Le Monastere ​(,                                    a restored 14th century Cordelier Order                                        monastery in the Languedoc town of                                              Limoux

                                 ~ gourmet meals of daily breakfasts and 6                                      multi-course dinners that include selections                                  of the finest local wines

                                 ~ all on-location transportation, entry fees,                                  and guided tours, including highlights such                                  as a local wine tasting, visit to an olive oil                                    factory, and dinner in a French artist's                                          studio-gallery

                                 ~ morning 1-hour Gentle Yoga session and                                    afternoon Meditation (all levels welcome)                                    alchemizing the day’s mystic teachings and

                               mythic locations


~ evening Moon Circle in which we gather in sisterhood to witness each other, share our encounters with the Sacred

Feminine, and hold space for ritual and involution through guided meditation

~ final night Goddess Blessing

Ceremony in which we will gather

in the courtyard to celebrate as

daughters and sovereigns, and to

receive our personal priestess gifts


*flight fees and lunches are extra; possible group-rate for travel from Toronto-Toulouse (return flight) will be made available, including shared cost of group-picnic lunches


Cost: $2650

*$400 deposit (credit card or cheque made payable to Le Monastere Adventures) required upon registration

*$150 fee (etransfer of cheque made payable to Erin Holtz Braeckman) required 6 months prior to trip

*$2100 remainder (credit card or cheque made payable to Le Monastere Adventures) required 2 months before arrival

*For more information on the extended itinerary, please click here.

Contact retreat leader Erin Holtz Braeckman at to register.

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