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Join me for Dark Moon of the Ancestral Mothers – a 4-month online series designed to bridge a sense of belonging to both our lineage and our landscape through:


NOVEMBER: Story Carrying

DECEMBER: Earth Tending

JANUARY: Ritual Keeping

FEBRUARY: Dream Weaving


Registration Includes a Monthly:

*Dark Moon of the Ancestral Mothers Guidebook (printable PDF)

*Journaling and Creativity Prompts

*30min Audio Class Recording

*1h Live Community Roundhouse Gathering over Zoom

November 1st, 2022 - February 28th, 2023

Registration: $30

To register, subscribe to the “SPIRAL Sister” tier on Patreon here.


Note: Each live Roundhouse on Zoom will be recorded and made available to registrants only.


With the mark of Samhain (“summer’s end”) on October 31st-November 1st, we enter into the Dark Moon of the year – that time of lengthening shadows and deepening dreams; of magic and mystery and our descent into the medial, walking between worlds. 


This is the realm of the Ancestors…


Our foremothers were deeply attuned to these rhythms of initiation – to the youth-adult-elder-ancestor cycles of life – through the shamanic, Earth-honouring wisdom ways we are all descendants of. Many of these customs are lost to us now, however, leaving us wondering how do we:


* reconnect with ancestral traditions that are indigenous to the worldview of other lands without diminishing their power and purpose by practicing them out of context?


* bond with the land we do find ourselves on by learning its history, culture, and folklore in a way that does not appropriate or colonize?  


Discover hearthside…the Ancestors await…

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