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Join me for Honouring the Ancestral Mothers – an 8-week online series designed to bridge a sense of belonging to both our lineage and our landscape through:


*Story Carrying

*Earth Tending

*Ritual Keeping

*Dream Weaving


Registration Includes:

*Honouring the Ancestral Mothers Guidebook (printable PDF)

*Journaling and Creativity Prompts

*4x 30min Audio Class Recordings

*1h Live Community Roundhouse Closing Gathering over Zoom 

November 1st, 2022 - December 27th, 2022

Registration: $40

To register, email


Note: Content is emailed weekly for you to work through at your own pace. Our live Community Roundhouse Closing Gathering on Zoom will be recorded and made available to registrants only.


With the mark of Samhain (“summer’s end”) on October 31st-November 1st, we enter into the Dark Moon of the year – that time of lengthening shadows and deepening dreams; of magic and mystery and our descent into the medial, walking between worlds. 


This is the realm of the Ancestors…


Our foremothers were deeply attuned to these rhythms of initiation – to the youth-adult-elder-ancestor cycles of life – through the shamanic, Earth-honouring wisdom ways we are all descendants of. Many of these customs are lost to us now, however, leaving us wondering how do we:


* reconnect with ancestral traditions that are indigenous to the worldview of other lands without diminishing their power and purpose by practicing them out of context?


* bond with the land we do find ourselves on by learning its history, culture, and folklore in a way that does not appropriate or colonize?  


Discover hearthside…the Ancestors await…

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