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 The                    Moon Journal


The first act of personal

revolution you can take as a

woman – whether you have a

physical womb or spirit womb

– is to make room for observing the internal ebb and flow of your Moon-Cycle. When you do so, you reclaim the highest spiritual potential you can serve from as woman.

You can begin this re-membering by tracking the wisdom of your womb in The Women’s Wisdom Moon Journal. Explore the ancestral traditions of Heath, Heart, Hearth, and Heritage as you turn through the four faces of the Goddess alongside the phases of the lunar month, year, and lifeline.


Beautifully illustrated with the original art of Erin Holtz Braeckman, The Women’s Wisdom Moon Journal is designed to become a daily devotional practice of becoming fluent in the ancient language of the Deep Feminine.

$15 through Blurb.

The Oracles: A Collection of Birdsong

Long have the birds been bodhisattvas;

again and again they return amidst the

din in joyful song so that we might hear

our own beauty, inseparable from the

dreaming of the Whole.

These are their Oracles, gathered from

the deep-ancestry practice of sitting

out on the Land and listening, garnered

from the ancient mother tongue of

birdsong that awaits us there.


"Erin weaves her knowledge, her imagination, and her poetic gift into a series of meditations here that can be read sequentially, as a kind of study guide to the soul, or dipped into from time to time as needed, for jolts of insight, encouragement, and pure, inspiring beauty."

~ Rose Solari
author of The Last Girl and A Secret Woman;

performer; panel advisor for the Centre of Creative Writing, 

University of Oxford’s Kellogg College

“We stand at such a turning point for humanity and anything that connects us to the More than Human world is to be celebrated. When it does it with such great, strong, clear heart, it is to be taken up and taken in and made part of our own songs and dreaming.”

~ Manda Scott
author of the Boudica: Dreaming series;

shamanic practitioner in the Dreaming Awake programme;

cocreator of the Accidental Gods podcast/membership


$15 through Blurb.


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For more information on the meditational, embodiment, and spiritual writings of Erin Holtz Braeckman, please click here, or visit Blurb, Indigo, or Amazon.

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