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Schedule, Youth Offerings, & Retreat Descriptions

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“We must get back into relation…. We must once more practise the ritual of dawn and noon and sunset…. The ritual of the moon in her phases…the ritual of the seasons…the ritual of the great events in the year of stars…. It means a return to ancient forms.”
~ D.H. Lawrence

2022 ~ 2023


     PranaKids (ages 8-10) Retreats:


     PranaTeens (ages 11-13) Retreats:



As mythologist Michael Meade explains, “The collapse of traditional cultures, the loss of shared myths and rituals that enfold the individual into the group, and the spread of modern industrial societies are producing generations of unbonded children and adults who are not initiated to the purpose and meaning of their own lives.”


Youths are developmentally dependent upon having their rites of passage affirmed in order to fulfill a sense of belonging. One way we can empower them in expressing this relationship to life is through restoring their embodiment with the natural world.


Our Prana Programs are a response to this call. Through themed Hatha Yoga and Daoist Qigong practices, craftwork, storytelling, and ritual, kids and teens meet quarterly to align with and learn from the wisdom of the changing seasons.


All handouts, materials, and refreshments included.

In support of social and environmental justice both locally and globally, a portion of all proceeds are donated to:

​YWCA Crossroads Shelter, Kawartha Food Share, UN Refugee Agency, David Suzuki Foundation, Ontario Nature, Lakefield Animal Welfare Society, Kawartha Wildlife Centre, YES Shelter for Youth and Families, Nogojiwanong Friendship Centre


To register, email


     November "Summer's End": 



     May "Mouth of Fire": 


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