"The Universe intends that you become the highest possible creative manifestation for you in this life."


~ Marianne Williamson

Sutras Through the Seasons

Sutras Through the Seasons:

Meditations on the Wholeness of Living Deeply

This rereading Patanjali’s second-century text, the Yoga Sutras, provides accessible translations grouped into modern themes that serve as an inward-moving focus for a week or a month at a time. 


Sutras Through the Seasons integrates complementary asana (body work), pranayama (breath work), and dhyana (mind work) techniques alongside the “seasonal” progression of the bodymind according to Ayurveda (the “science of life”), offering a self-nourishing exploration of all that it means to be living consciously – to be whole.


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A Year of Nearing:

Belonging to Becoming

A Year of Nearing is a living meditation – a season-by-season invitation into the eleven “tips on destressing one’s life” that the late, back-to-the-land pioneer Helen Nearing left the world at the end of her memoir, Loving and Leaving the Good Life. As we follow the Wheel of the Year as it turns, we inquire into what it means to be a pilgrim parceling out a portion of self from the untethered terrain of belonging to becoming. 

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The Women's Wisdom Moon Journal

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Explore the ancestral traditions of Heath, Heart, Hearth, and Heritage as you turn through the Child, Youth, Adult, and Elder – the four faces of the Goddess that also serve as the four phases of the lunar month, year, and lifeline. A daily companion for charting your energetic embodiment of the Moon and Her mysteries as She moves from shadow, to light, to shadow once again, The Women’s Wisdom Moon Journal will become your scribe for empowerment and embodiment as you to become fluent in the language of the Sacred Feminine within. Complete with monthly moon dials, self-care practices, meditations and ceremonies rewilded from the old way teachings of our collective ancestral foremothers.

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The Oracles - A Collection of Birdsong.j

The Oracles:

A Collections of Birdsong

Long have the birds been bodhisattvas; again and again they return amidst the din in joyful song so that we might hear our own beauty, inseparable from the dreaming of the Whole.

These are their Oracles, gathered from the deep-ancestry practice of sitting out on the Land and listening, garnered from the ancient mother tongue of birdsong that awaits us there.

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